Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tips for Tueday- Baby's Schedule & Finger Foods

When I was a new mom, after the "newborn always sleeping" wore off, I had to figure out my baby's nap schedules.  I t was really hard!  Until I found an amazing article in a parenting magazine (I wish I could remember where) that said 2-6 months naps should be every 2 hours from the time the wake up from their last nap.  It was a complete change!  My baby was happier, went down for naps easily, and I got a break from having to hold him in order to get him to sleep.

Since I don't have the article to share I found on Baby Center a similar tool.  They have parents submit their schedules, you can search them to get an idea of what works for you.  Right now we are pretty similar to the "Work-At-Home Formula Feeding Mom" schedule.  But find one for you depending on your child's age.  Check it out here (Just scroll down to the links after the article).

And since I've decided to make today a Twofer Tuesday here is a tip about finger foods.  I love finger foods because they don't require me to be sitting there feeding Thomas, and he improves his fine motor skills.  Baby Center also has a great List of finger foods.  If you also give your baby a spoon for himself to hold while eating, they will learn to feed themselves sooner.  Thomas can bring the spoon to his mouth and eat (without making too much mess) but is still getting the hang of putting the food on the soon. 

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