Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alphabet Beanbags From Old Clothes

I am so excited about today's tutorial I am skipping the auto post and posting it TODAY!! YAY! I plan on making these for my little one (probably will be abirthday present...)

I have stumbled upon a gem of a blog it's
See if we can follow this now, today's tutorial was posted on Dollar Store Crafts but originally from Notes From a Very Red Kitchen (which by the way, is also a great blog!) and now it's being posted here. Or at least we are posting a link to it here...

Alphabet Bean Bags from old T-shirts and fabric scraps!! AWESOME!

Here it is. Enjoy!

A little tip here i would like to throw in, if you are like me and have a die-cut machine (I have a Pazzles and LOVE it!) instead of using your sewing machine to make the letters, you can also cut-out the letters in fabric on your machine and use a strong adhesive to put it on the beanbags.

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