Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Legs

Someone shared a link to this the other day and I just love the idea!
DIY projects are a great way to save money.

It's a photo tutorial on how to create baby legs:


You can always buy directly from the source if you want though:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Choosing A Pediatrician

Some time in your 3rd trimester, you should begin looking for a pediatrician.

The best way to narrow down the search is through your insurance company! Compile a list of pediatricians covered by your insurance within a close distance to your home.

Depending on how big your list is, from there you may want to begin getting more specific. What are the office hours? Some pediatricians have extended late night, morning, or weekend hours which can be really helpful if you're not going to be a stay at home mom or don't want to make an expensive trip to the ER.

Once you've got your list of top three, call and schedule appointments to meet with the doctor of your choice. When you're there you will want to take a look around you. Does the office look clean? Is there a separate sitting area for well and sick patients? How many days did you have to wait to get an appointment? The availability of your doctor could be a real deal breaker.

When you meet with your doctor have a list of questions in mind. You can find many resources online with questions to ask. I find keeping it simple is best. Get the answers you need, and allow time for the doctor to share his philosophies.

The following 10 questions have been taken from

  • What is your philosophy about child rearing?

  • This is a good time to discuss breastfeeding/formula feeding patterns, antibiotics, babies who cry at night, etc.,

  • How much are your hospital charges and fees for office visits?

  • If you don't have insurance this can be a very important question. If you do have insurance it's still a good idea to have a rough estimate- should you ever expect to pay more than your co-pay and if so in what circumstances?

  • Does a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) work in your office?

  • Personally, this is an important factor for me. Having a PNP available can make scheduling appointments easier, and often they will spend more time with a patient than the doctor would.

  • Do you charge for phone calls?

  • There should be no charge for phone calls, but you will definitely want to ask to be sure.

  • Who will be returning the call?

  • Sometimes a nurse or other personnel will return the call rather than the doctor. This is understandable as doctors are usually busy, but you'll want to know if the person you'll be talking to over the phone has similar or different philosophies than the doctor.

  • How much time is allotted for an appointment?

  • This is good to know in terms of how long you can expect to wait when you get in for your appointment and how much time you will have with the doctor. You don't want to feel rushed when you have a lot of questions.

  • How often do you want to see the baby in your first year? Why?

  • Do you share a practice with other doctors?

  • You'll want to know if you will always be seeing your pediatrician or a different doctor.

    Other things to keep in mind- will this pediatrician be able to visit your baby in the hospital after delivery? While the hospital will have an on-call pediatrician it's nice to have the one you've chosen for your baby be there from the beginning so he/she is already up to date on any medical risks your baby may have.

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009

    Oct 7th World Smile Day

    Who doesn't love a smile? Well today is world's smile day so share it with everyone!

    For great pictures of smiles visit where they are having the contest for the 2009 Cute Kid of the Year!

    Here are some of my favorites: