Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Review- Take & Toss Sippy Cups

I first started using The First Years' Take & Toss line when we started feeding our little one solid foods. The small chubby handle forks and spoons were exactly what I was looking for, and at just the right price! Since they were so inexpensive, I didn't stress out when some became lost, and they are 100% resilient to our dishwasher.

As the years went by, our little guy became ready for sippy cups and I picked up the Take & Toss sippy cups product.

The Pros The total cost for four was about $1.17 at Wal-Mart. Once again, they are completely dishwasher safe and very handy. I love that the lids are interchangeable. I don't have to worry about finding a matching part to a certain brand of sippy cup because they all match! BPA Free, no extra parts to mess with, and microwave safe. As he gets older, these can easily turn into just regular kids cups since there is no weird screw top in place that makes the mouth of the cup narrower. They will last for as long as we want!

The Cons The lack of handles may be a con for some people. I find the cups are easy to hold, and my son can hold them with one hand but that may not be the case for each child. My guy likes to occasionally throw his sippy cups, most of the time these hold up pretty well, but we have had the tops pop off on occasion causing milk or juice to spill all over the floor. I also worry about if he falls asleep with one in his bed and rolls over it while napping. I noticed today however, they've come out with a new line with screw top lids so we may have to check those out.

The Bottom Line For the price and convenience, you really can't go wrong here. Even if you end up hating them, they're less than half the price of most other brands, and extremely easy and worry free.

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