Monday, June 8, 2009

Anti-Nausea Reviews

Let's face it, throwing up for about 5 months straight is no
fun. But that doesn't mean everyone else has to suffer.
So, I'm going to do my best to share what I have learned
including a review of different anti-nausea products and
some tips that have helped me.

After reading, please feel free to leave your own
comments with stuff that helped you!

Phenergan- Of everything I tried phenergan probably
 works best for one reason- it knocks you out!! You 
can't really puke when you're unconscious. Overall,
 I would say it's not really worth the falling asleep 
and waking up 4 hours later just to get rid of feeling
 sick because once you wake up and the meds wear 
off, you're back to feeling sick again and have lost the
 entire day. Maybe if you're on bed rest and nauseous 
this would be a good solution.

Zofran- Zofran is nice to take because it dissolves on 
your tongue.  While many women love zofran and use 
it often, I found it only worked for about 15 minutes for 
me and made me feel bloated.  My OB/GYN office told
me that I had to take zofran on a much more regular 
basis for it to be helpful, but I'm not the type of person 
who likes to be taking meds constantly.

Preggie Pops- During the beginning of my pregnancy
 these little candies did not help me at all!  However, 
now that I'm in my 2nd trimester I've found that they 
work for me much better than before.  

Foods- I found I was most nauseous when I was hungry.
  Some of the foods that helped me most were potatoes 
and bread.  Drinking water also helps.

If you've tried everything and nothing helps, remember
 that some of the least painful foods to come back up
 are those instant meal drinks like Ensure and yogurt.

And for those of you whose Prenatals make them want
to hurl- try subbing your pills for 2 Flinstone vitamins-
but clear it with your doctor first.  :)

Good luck!



Mrs.Awesome said...

The Ginger Sandwich Cookies and Ginger Snaps work WONDERS FOR ME!!!

Baby's Mama said...

Ginger sandwich cookies? I haven't heard of those!! Can you post a link?

babyhellfire said...

I second that Ginger snaps were definitely wonderful when i was preggy-
but the biggest thing , was CONSTANT snacking, if I got too full or too hungry I felt icky. things like crackers, ginger snaps, nuts , or cookies were great between meals.
Luckily , I didn't suffer terribly from morning sickness though. I did eel gross, never threw up.